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Licensed Brothels

Victoria currently has around 100 licensed brothels and escort agencies and an estimated 300 illegal brothels. Victoria's legal brothels adhere to strict standards as set out by the Prostitution Control Act 1994 and conform to the highest health and hygiene standards as set out by the associated Health Act. Illegal brothels have no such controls and patrons risk their health as well as prosecution by police if a raid occurs whilst they are on the premises.

Licensed brothels in Victoria:

Can have as few as 4 rooms for the smaller brothels and up to 18 rooms for the larger brothels.
Do not permit non-prescription drugs or alcohol on the premises at any time.
Do not permit persons under the age of 18 years to either work as service providers or receive services.
Do not permit illegal immigrants or persons without valid working visas to offer service.
Can provide outcall or escort services if they are also licensed to do so.

For a full list of brothels and escort agencies that are currently members of the AAEI click here.

How To Recognise an Illegal Brothel

If you visit an illegal brothel you are putting yourself at huge risk to both your health and the prospect of a criminal record should the illegal brothel be raided at the time you are there. Unless you KNOW the premises you are visiting is a legal brothel DO NOT pay for sexual services as you are also BREAKING THE LAW and risk prosecution along with the illegal operatives. Illegal brothels are UNREGULATED and therefore do not comply to the health standards.

There is a great deal of misconception as to what constitutes an illegal brothel. There are some telltale signs that may indicate that the premises you are in is an illegal brothel or is breaking the law in some other serious manner. Some of these are:

The absense of a Prostitution Service Providers Licence. These are issued by the Business Licencing Authority and, by law, must be displayed in clear view in the entrance or reception area of the brothel you are visiting.
The sex worker has a pca number with an 'xe' directly after it - yet provides sexual services from their own private home, apartment or flat. This is an illegal brothel! AAEI is currently canvassing private workers to ascertain whether they are using their illegal brothels to provide sexual services. Offending operatives will be reported and prosecuted. Some 'xe' (exempt escort) sexual service providers mistakenly believe that they are legally allowed to provide sexual services from their private homes. They are not allowed to provide sexual services for money from their own homes UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
The brothel you are visiting has a pca number with an 'xb' directly after it - yet there are more than two sexual service providers to choose from. An 'xb' means that ONLY TWO sexual service providers are legally able to provide sexual services for money. These must be the SAME two service providers at any time and MAY NOT change on a rotational basis for differing days. If there are two service providers providing sexual services on one day and then a different service provider providing sexual services on another day - they are operating ILLEGALLY.
The brothel you are visiting practices unsafe sex. The provision of sexual services without condoms is ILLEGAL. Sexually Transmittable Diseases are spread through sexual intercourse and oral sex when condoms are not used. DO NOT accept sexual services from any sexual service provider if condoms are not used for sexual intercourse and oral sex.
The sexual service provider seems unwilling or unhappy to provide sexual services. She may be there against her will! This is sexual slavery.
The sexual service provider is under the age of 18. If you knowingly pay for sexual services with a person under the age of 18 you will receive a serious criminal record and risk imprisonment.

If you suspect you have visited an illegal brothel please inform us. We respect your wishes to be anonymous and will keep your details private. Please have as many details as possible so that we may take appropriate action. Go to our Contact page for details on how to get in touch with us.

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